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The WAVEFORM label began life in the summer of '93, when a nomadic being from England's Beyond label (inventors of the term "Ambient Dub") visited the UFO filled canyons of Sedona, AZ, and mind melded with a radio ephedra type who was also exploring chilled ambient beats from the UK and Europe. Twenty minutes later, WAVEFORM hatched and we began our journey of establishing a genre of music we call "exotic electronica."

1994: In May, from Sedona, we brought our first release to market, with national distribution through the Navarre Corporation. The highly praised, best selling compilation of UK artists known as "ONE A.D." (volume one ambient dub), was followed soon thereafter by Birmingham, England's HIA, the Higher Intelligence Agency and their debut and now out of print release, "COLOURFORM."

1995: Still in Sedona, the WAVEFORM catalog expanded with our biggest selling title and follow-up compilation, "TWO A.D." (volume two ambient dub); Tuu's ancient and atmpospheric, "ALL OUR ANCESTORS;" Loop Guru's, cross-cultural, worldly and energetic "DUNIYA" and A Positive Life's, classic synth masterpiece, "SYNAESTHETIC."

1996: We stayed busy with a move back to Mill Valley, in California and four new releases, including the third chapter in the A.D. compilation series, "THREE A.D.;" as well as Sounds from the Ground's "KIN;" and the Higher Intelligence Agency's second full album and now also out of print, "FREEFLOATER;" plus the totally chilled, trip hopish and acid jazz tinged compilation, "FROSTY."

1997: We slowed down a bit and watched the titanic music industry rearrange its deck chairs, but still found time to release our most erotic album, "SLUMBERLAND," a dreamy, atmospheric compilation designed for sensual pleasures.

1998: From new headquarters in Austin, Texas, we served up a full plate of four new releases. "NOMADIC IMPRESSIONS" by Open Canvas, ancient cross-cultural electronica inspired by the middle east; "ANCIENT ALIEN," our first soundtrack album from the eye popping Sony Music Video of the same name; our dubbiest compilation ever, "EARTHJUICE," -- freshly squeezed (drink deeply) electromagnetic dub from the UK and Germany (we could easily have titled it Four A.D.); and "ZERO ONE" by zerO One, calculated adventures in intellectual listening. We also began offering direct, secure, online ordering for customers worldwide.

1999: In March, just before we left Austin, we welcomed the blissed out beatz of "URCHIN" by the UK duo Urchin. By midyear our wanderlust resurfaced and we found ourselves back in Cali again, this time along the coast of San Diego. Our first release from the land of surf and sun, in mid September, turned out to also be our first foray into vocalese. It's called "LIQUID ZEN" by San Antonio's Liquid Zen -- electronica flavored, angst tinged vocals and instrumentals.

2000: Is our most prolific year ever, including (drum roll) -- "CHEERY" our benefit Holiday/Christmas album. We struck a match with "SERIOUS SMOKERS" -- the dubby best of Germany's late Ras Command and rested droopy eyelids to the swanky trumpet and electronic breakbeat album from Japan's Kozo -- "PLANNED PENETRATION." Still from Y2K, we served up a second, soulful Sounds From the Ground release called "TERRA FIRMA;" a second spicey, more energetic Open Canvas titled "INDUMANI;" a second intellectually stimulating album from zerO One called "protOtype2;" a more eerie and exotic "SLUMBERLAND EPISODE TWO : AWAKE & DREAMING;" and a reformulated edition of "ONE A.D." the collection that started it all! Seven new titles in 2000 plus the reformulation!

2001: Was steeped in ancient atmospheres from the UK's Tuu, and their second WAVEFORM release "ONE THOUSAND YEARS." We followed with what was quickly described as "a killer new Waveform compilation that could easily have been called FOUR A.D." "VOODOO ROUX" -- it's in the sauce! Also that year, another chilled back compilation titled "SUNSET MAGNETIC NORTH" (cooler perspectives) first exposed north of the border and we ended the year on a very up note with the cross-cultural debut release from Eastern Dub Tactik called "BLOOD IS SHINING."

2002: We continued on our unhurried but deliberate pace with Sweden's Skin to Skin began the year with their introspective album titled "TEMENOS" a greek word that means the sacred, most inner part of a temple -- a sanctuary for inner reflection. We continued to get in trouble with "MULTIPLE OFFENSES" a mind bending, tripnotic downtempo journey from the UK's Slowdeck. The year closed out with our second saucy Voodoo Roux compilation titled "VOODOO ROUX DEUX" and a dreamy, scandinavian designed self-titled debut release from Sweden's "OMNIMOTION."

2003: We formed a new partnership with the then respected Studio Distribution in New York, who went under three years later! In '03 we kicked things off with an early fall street date for southern California's Bluetech and his full length debut release, "PRIMA MATERIA." A completely fresh sound you'll be wanting to add to your music collection. Listen...become inspired. And by overwhelming popular demand we took up the torch of the A.D. (ambient dub) compilation series once again with a much requested "FOUR A.D."

2004: We offered the stunning debut release from Phutureprimitive titled "SUB CONSCIOUS." Vibration for the imagination! We also brought out an all new Sounds From the Ground album, "LUMINAL" as we welcomed Nick and Elliot back to the Waveform family. Late in the year we began offering links to instant downloads for all our tracks from each of our album pages with iTunes, Music Match (rip), Napster (rip) and Rhapsody.

2005: We offered a special radio single compilation, featuring tracks that have generated the most listener response from our catalog, titled "SMOOTH CHILL - The Radio Singles." We also brought out the superb New Zealand release "APE TO ANGEL" by Pitch Black [nz], repackaged for America with a bonus track and eye-popping video as our first enhanced CD. The year's release schedule closed out with Australia's Grey Area and an aquatic adventure titled, "AND THEN THE CLOUDS" our 39th release!

2006: Our distributor (Studio Distribution via Navarre) went under at the end of February. Not to worry, on March 1st we inked an even more promising relationship with the Portland, Oregon based Allegro Group. First out of the box was "CHILLICIOUS" a various artist compilation of deeper, darker, sensual soundscapes. Cool and refreshing! We also brought out the fourth Sounds From the Ground title called "HIGH RISING" - which continues the UK duo's path of excellence on the Waveform label!

2007: We welcomed back zerO One - with "ozOne" the third full length zerO One release. More music for intellectual stimulation! We also began offering protection free 256k quality digital downloads at Amazon.com and conjured up the first in a fresh new compilation series as only Waveform can bring it to you called "WAVEFORM TRANSMISSIONS - Volume One" a mind-blowing journey through psychedelic chill and psy-ambient. Spaced out, man!

2008: We offered "COSMIX" the wonderful mix of Ram Dass' messages with Down-under DJ Kriece with a ten minute video excerpt from 'The Last Dance' - the last recorded conversation between Ram Dass and his longtime friend, and LSD guru, the late Timothy Leary. Street date was August 12. On October 14th we were pleased to bring out a Top Ten CMJ RPM title - "BRIGHTWHITELIGHT" - the glimmering fifth Waveform release from the UK's Sounds From the Ground. Check 'em out!

2009: Began with the spaced out psy-chill sound of Israel's Capsula and his debut USA release "SENSE OF A DROP" - quite the head trip with a street date of Sep 8th. We finished out the year with more mind blowing journeys through psychedelic chill with the second installment in our Transmissions series - "WAVEFORM TRANSMISSIONS - VOLUME TWO" with a street date of October 13th. Very nice!

2010: We began the year with the dubbed back third installment of our Transmissions series, "WAVEFORM TRANSMISSIONS - VOLUME THREE" on September 14th. We finished up with the nicely chilled back beats of the sixth Waveform release from the UK duo, Sounds From the Ground with "THE MAZE" - a journey to the centre with a street date of October 12th. Mind expanding!

2011: We called upon some Waveform veterans for a tasty tonal treat - that would be our fourth release from zerO One, appropriately titled, "remiXed" featuring relevant remixes from some familiar friends - Phutureprimitive and Bluetech, just to name a few. More calculated adventures in electronica - zerO One style! Street date was August 9th.

2012: We began a transition to Henderson, NV near Las Vegas as the year unfolded and started things off musically with the seventh release from the prolific UK duo Sounds From the Ground with their "WIDERWORLD" on September 11th. We finished strong with impressive dub step tunage from the debut work of Canada's JāFU with his wompy, bass filled release "ADD TO CART" - brought out on October 9th. Pulsating!

2013: We started things off musically with a name change for Capsula, and a new release as enCAPSULAte, titled "FETAL POSITION" on October 8th. We followed up with the fifth release from zerO One called "SONAR" on November 12th. Mapping the scope of the mind!

2014: Settling into our new location on Maui meant just one release for the year, but what an amazing one! "TWENTY YEARS OF THE BEST SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND" on October 14th. The title says it all! A definite must have for your Waveform collection!

2015: More musical magic from our home on Maui with the sixth Waveform release from zerO One called "SIGNALS" on October 2nd. Kevin Dooley sends out the massage for your mind with more calculated adventures in electronica!

2016 & 2017: We took a break in our release schedule this year for more Maui beach time and watched our long time distributor Allegro Corporation close their doors after 35 years, ripping everyone off on their way down. We continued licensing our music to movies and did some new direct distribution deals with Amazon.com and WaveformRecords.Bandcamp.com to make it even easier to add our 54 titles to your music collection!

2018: Five years of Maui vibes here in paradise finally inspired us enough to jump back in the water with our first new release in three years, with "MAUI CHILL - VOL ONE (SUNSET AT THE KIHEI CAFE)" on November 23rd. We rolled out this various artist compilation as both the usual individual ten track album and Forest's continuous mix version - both available to download on Bandcamp. We're awakening with a new energy and planning lots more cool tuneage to come, in the year and years ahead! Stay tuned!

2019: We celebrate TWENTY FIVE YEARS of EXOTIC ELECTRONICA! Thank you for your support! That little ole tune maker Kevin Dooley aka zerO One returned with his seventh Waveform title! "OCTOGON!" Fresh adventures in vocal sequencing meet calculated journeys in ambo-electro! With tongue in cheek and to match its quirky, fun nature, we released it on April 1st.

2020: Seven years on Maui and all of a sudden the entire World is jolted into a new reality. Pandemics be damned we're back with "MAUI CHILL - VOL TWO (SUNSET AT THE KIHEI CAFE)" on July 20th. Once again offering this various artist compilation as both the usual individual track album and Forest's continuous mix version, plus a burn-to-order white label CD offering - all available at Waveformrecords.Bandcamp.com. Thank you for your support!

And who works so hard to bring you our unique brand of "exotic electronica" from the UK, Europe, Asia and right here in the ole U-S-S-A? Our entrepreneurial explorers include vegi head and wheatgrass fanatic Forest, (doa/mia) Moby lookalike Brian, papa Pierre -- check out his suave band Rilo Kiley at RiloKiley.com, Arco the sunset rider and mysterious ninja art master, plus other assorted stragglers, hangers-on, henchmen and minions. Dare you look, you can see a few of our faces here. Email welcome, click .

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