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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (69:44)

The Herb is Good (5:19)
by Ganga Beats
Travelinside (9:28)
by Solaroid
Push Push (G-Corp. mix) (5:10)
by Rockers HiFi
Montego Bay (tvs mix) (5:55)
by Razoof
Key to Another World (7:03)
by Ziontek
Angelica in Delirium (8:27)
by G.O.L.
XP Continuum (9:06)
by Asura
Crazy Moon (5:00)
by Soma Sonic
Blue Magnetic Ocean (7:46)
by Mystical Sun
Sister Bliss (6:05)
by White Star
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'Four A.D.' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 03102 - UPC no. 789060310228 - release date: 23 Sep 2003)

volume four ambient dub...fourth in the series

"Over the past seven years, since the release of Three A.D., the inquires have ranged from polite requests to insistent appeals, so, by popular demand we've surrendered to the universe and returned to our roots with another edition of our ambient dub or A.D. series. As a prerequisite and enhancement to your enjoyment, please search out and sample our prequels in this best-selling (over 100,000 units sold) series known as One, Two and Three A.D.

Includes the UK artists Ganja Beats, Rockers HiFi, Ziontek, G.O.L. and White Star, Sweden's Solaroid, Germany's Razoof, Asura from France, Soma Sonic from Canada and Mystical Sun from the USA!

Put on your darkers for this heady brew of bright and delicious crucial ambient dub flavors. Cool runnings from the Waveform kitchens. "All Killah, no fillah!"

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