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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (61:40)

Gap in the Clouds (7:24)

A Thousand Colors (8:12)

Delphine (4:09)

Acid Cornflats (6:02)

Midnight Crossing (6:04)

This Land (5:52)

Subdub'in (3:30)

The Lenox (6:11)

Temple Steps (6:35)

Afterglow (7:16)
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'The Maze' by Sounds From the Ground
(waveform cat. no. 10102 - UPC no. 7890601010226 - release date: 12 Oct 2010)

trust yours senses, expand your mind, enter the maze.

The respected London duo of Nick Woolfson and Elliot Morgan Jones - Sounds From The Ground, return with their sixth Waveform release. Their debut album, 'Kin' came out on Waveform in 1996. The duo's second Waveform album, 'Terra Firma,' released in 2000, helped secure SFTG as a satisfying, downtempo UK musical force. Billboard magazine called it "consistently engaging" and like all the SFTG titles, it continues to be enthusiastically received. In 2004, Nick and Elliot returned to their roots with their third Waveform title, 'Luminal.' A spacious and sometimes gritty release with contributions from pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole, vocalist Rachael Calladine, Canada's talented throat singer and Bjork contributor Tanya Tagaq Gillis, dub maestro Dillinger and up and coming UK vocalist Taz. CDBaby described Luminal as "less lounge and more fat and dirty." In 2006 SFTG took things to new heights with their fourth Waveform release 'High Rising' - more fresh sounding and widely acclaimed ambient, dub, trip hop and chilled back electronic musical styles. In 2008 we proudly released their fifth Waveform title, their evocative, shimmering work 'Brightwhitelight.'

'The Maze' is yet another masterly woven, engaging excusrion through their unique style of exotic, downtempo electronica - taking you on a fascinating journey to the centre. Trust your senses, expand your mind and enter The Maze.

Visit the Sounds From the Ground website for more info.

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