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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (65:42)

Underdub (6:21)

Egypt (5:52)

Sunbath Dub (8:12)

Stay Here (6:23)

Love Song (4:54)

Falling (8:52)

Aquatic (6:43)

Kojan (5:43)

Blue Sky (6:34)

Omnidub (5:43)
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'Omnimotion' by Omnimotion
(waveform cat. no. 02104 - UPC no. 789060210429 - release date: 24 Sep 2002)

dreamy, scandinavian designs

From Stockholm, Sweden, the self-titled debut release of Omnimotion - writer and producer Stefan Lundaahl with vocal treatments from Linda Martio and other special guests. First heard in the USA with their superb contribution to our saucy Voodoo Roux compilation series, Omnimotion offers their dreamy, scandinavian designs for the first time as a full length album. Not since our Slumberland release have we brought out a title that's so deliciously sensuous.

"This is another sexy, sultry electronica work enhanced by...its lush production and its deep bass lines...one is reminded of swimming underwater with the muted light filtrating down to where we are in the depths. The sound is laid back and guides us downward into the darkness below." -- ambient visions

"Give in to the deep undertow of Omnimotion and be swept into a pleasantly blurred world of echoey feminine intonations, vibraphonics and intriquing rhythms. This 65-minute 10-pack of Scandinavian dub recycles the sunny sounds of its more-tropical cousins, crystallizing it with crisp and always-light new touches. Ephemeral-yet-accessible musical enigmas add up to a shining A- for Omnimotion. Nice work! " -- ambiEntrance.org

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