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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (71:20)

Soother (5:23)
by The Itch Incident
Untitled feat. Farda P (5:02)
by Al-Haca Soundsystem
(downtown brown mix) (6:11)

by Pitch Black [nz]
Hey Rainman
(forest friendly mix) (7:47)

by Edward Ka-Spel
Monkey in the Black Sky (8:21)
by Gus Till
Lisse Gruv (3:45)
by Last Soul Descendents
Space Dock (4:33)
by Chris Zippel
Top 5 feat. Rxn (6:08)
by Timewarp inc.
(dark ambient mix) (6:24)

by Orbit Service
Wash (7:26)
by Numatic Soul
Know Some Things (8:04)
by R.O.U.D.O.S.
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'Chillicious' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 06101 - UPC no. 789060610120 - release date: 12 Sep 2006)

Back in the mid-nineties in dance clubs in the UK and Europe, enlightened DJs began setting up rooms off the crowded, raucous dance floors, where people would stagger in and flop down on comfy couches and pillows, while the DJ would spin downtempo, mind bending, chill music as a welcome rest and relaxation alternative environment to the high energy dancing. Elaborate light shows projected trippy images on the walls and ceilings and the vibe was definitely psychedelic.

One of the pioneers of this new chill room phenomenon was our own early Waveform recording artists the Higher Intelligence Agency, with their Oscillate parties in and around Birmingham, England, which transformed the concept from dance floor sideshow to main event, establishing these chill rooms in their own right. Now over a decade later, chill music has finally emerged from under the radar in the USA, though interpretations here have often clumsily drifted from these important origins of this developing style of music. With this release, as we did with Smooth Chill - the Radio Singles, we remain true to the spacey, dubby, psychedelic roots of authentic chill music and herewith present some of the best of the genre with this collection of deeper, darker recordings by various talented artists from around the planet.

Includes Sweden's The Itch Incident, Germany's (now based in Vienna) Al-Haca Soundsystem, New Zealand's Pitch Black, Legendary Pink Dots songmaster Edward Ka-Spel (remixed by Forest), Zen Lemonade's Gus Till, Germany's Chris Zippel, Greece based Timewarp inc., homegrown performers Orbit Service, Last Soul Descendents and Numatic Soul and R.O.U.D.O.S., also originally from Greece. Chillicious features three all-new, unique mixes, plus every track has been meticulously remastered with today's latest sound saturation advancements for your listening pleasure!

"Significantly deeper, darker and more sensual. Ultimately cool and refreshing." -- Backroads Music

"Just when I thought Chill music couldn't get any better, over time I discovered this collection of tracks for my radio show and just had to bring it out. This is so close to what one of my programs sounds like. Every track is superb!"
-- Forest, Musical Starstreams

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