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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (67:30)

Temenos Part I (10:01)
Temenos Part II (5:51)
Temenos Part III (14:28)

Daimon (17:48)

Nekyia Part I (13:11)
Nekyia Part II (6:05)

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Click to Stream Temenos

'Temenos' by Skin to Skin
(waveform cat. no. 02101 - UPC no. 789060210122 - release date: 9 Apr 2002)

a sacred site or space for reflection -- a sanctuary

The Malmö, Sweden duo, Skin to Skin - Lena Måndotter and Ronnie Hall, along with welcome guest performers Thomas Rodrick, Maria Rodrick and Jörgen Wernefeldt, create a deep, lush, reflective soundscape for inner journeys inspired by the title track "Temenos." Temenos is a Greek word that means 1)A sacred space or site for reflection; a sanctuary; 2)The innermost part of a temple or cave. Besides the three part title track, track four, "Daimon" and the two part closing piece, "Nekyia" also offer chant influenced, mesmerizing vocal treatments and inventive, thoughtful instrumentation.

"...whispily layered voices...electronic essences, an eerie semi-groove in increasing intensities. File under ethno-ritualistic-ambient...swirls like the vapors from some ancient ceremonial brazier which has been lit anew...subdued global energies, creating a sonic sanctuary in your listening space." -- AmbiEntrance.org

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