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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (60:00)

Spiritual High (5:00)

Day of Despair (5:52)

Blood is Shining (5:58)

Spark the Sound (5:58)

Cultural Wizdum (4:55)

Wicked Style (4:16)

Like This (6:24)

Brothers and Sisters (5:56)

Asra (travel by night) (3:42)

Eastern Winds (6:06)

Five N Dub (6:44)
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'Blood is Shining' by Eastern Dub Tactik
(waveform cat. no. 01104 - UPC no. 789060110422 - release date: 2 Oct 2001)

worldly, upbeat exotic grooves...
meet middle eastern, hip hop, dub textures.

Eastern Dub Tactik is a project of sound creator and current Florida resident Aaron Dysart, who has received three Certificate of Achievement awards from Billboard magazine, a drummer award from Music Tech and has also recorded under the name Cyber Monk.

As heard in the film Halloween: Resurrection with Jamie Lee Curtis.

"Dedicated to everyone from MLK and JFK to Ho Chi Minh and Yitzhak Rabin, Eastern Dub Tactik's 'Blood Is Shining' offers up a liberal smorgasbord of aural flavors. Somewhere across 125th St. and Madras, this CD feels like a hybrid between Bill Laswell and Fatboy Slim. Almost Big Beatish in its driving drums, 'Blood ' is an optimistic dance party that melds dub and hip-hop flavors with Middle Eastern and Indian vocals (with what sounds like a rap on 'Five N Dub'). 'Day Of Despair' gives us an odd Indian R&B/hip-hop soul that even the cross-cultural bandit, Apache Indian, would be proud of. This is definitely an enjoyable East-meets-West electronic extravaganza." -- ink19

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