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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (61:56)

Ultraviolet (9:40)

Claiming Salvation (5:45)

Painter's Stroke Begins (4:44)

Harold Atom (6:09)

Kateri (6:05)

Blown Away (6:28)

Distant Fading Light (3:51)

Starless (5:40)

Something (5:04)

Forever Infinity (8:09)
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'Liquid Zen' by Liquid Zen
(waveform cat. no. 89102 - UPC no. 789068910222 - release date: 14 Sep 1999)

electronica inspired vocals and instrumentals

The Waveform label forays into the land of vocalese with a bright and upcoming San Antonio based talent named Roland St. John Perez who records under the name Liquid Zen. The vocals offer a touch of gothic angst, but are refreshingly contemporary. Ten tracks in all, three of which, including the opening gem, "Ultraviolet" are typical Waveform fare -- exotic, instrumental based electronica. The other seven tracks bring up hauntingly familiar flavors from the past, as Liquid Zen flows forth with masterful vocals steeped in the same electronica cauldron. The three tracks mentioned below spotlight Liquid Zen's unique vocal style.

"When we first heard Liquid Zen, Track 4 conjured up Jim Morrison & the Doors,
Track 6 - Pink Floyd and Track 7, an early, more electronic T-Rex. Along the way, some listeners have also likened Liquid Zen's sound to that of an electric Beck."
-- Waveform A&R

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