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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (54:36)

Interlude No.1
(puffin' mix) (4:06)

Pirate (cee mix remix) (5:13)

Acid Dub (4:43)

Love Dub (drum mix) (6:55)

Rashead (4:40)

Greendub (3:52)

Education (4:32)

Revolution in Ras (4:56)

Moo Dub (4:31)

12 O'Clock (4:48)

Slippin' (5:49)
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'Serious Smokers' the best of Ras Command
(waveform cat. no. 99101 - UPC no. 789069910122 - release date: 18 Apr 2000)

vital...bendy, galactic dub rhythms

Hannover, Germany is the source for these exemplary dub excursions from the psyche of the late Alex Buchal and his Ras Command and Cee Mix incarnations. With the help and support of legendary dubheadz DJ Blowpipe and Dirk Schumacher, little LX leaves us with these eleven rich, blissful, smokin' modern dub experiences. Includes the track "Love Dub (drum mix)" as heard on volume one of the best selling Waveform dubwise compilation "Earthjuice" -- drink d-e-e-p-l-y.

"...filling their abstract dub with clanking reverb...
micro melodies and generally...the best in organic Jamaican vibes."
-- Muzik

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