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more down-to-earth information about sedona

from "Sedona - UFO Connection and Planetary Ascension Guide"
by Richard Dannelley

The Sedona UFO Connection was inspired by the Arcturians.

For years I have felt contact with beings from higher dimensional realms that I have assumed to be extraterrestrial, positive, and encouraging. Because of this I have had very little interest in most books and other informations about UFO's. I was already in contact, yet I said very little about it. When I wrote my book on the Vortex phenomenon my awareness of my guide increased considerably, and I often felt the energy of my guide's presence while I wrote. Yet I never made any attempt to find out who this entity was, as I understood that this would be revealed when the time was right.

During the summer of 1992, I began camping in the Dry Creek area of Sedona, because I frequently felt energy there that was similiar to the energy I felt when my guide was near. Upon spending a certain amount of time out there I was not at all suprised to find that there were several groups of people who frequented the area who claimed there was a group of Arcturians hovering above the canyons in a higher dimensional ship of Light, and that the Arcturians had opened themselves up for telepathic communication with anyone who had a desire to know of them. I found this concept to be quite interesting and decided it would be fun to attempt to contact these entities with telepathy.

That night I got out my crystals and my pyramid and sat in front of them in meditation. After I had meditated for a while, I focused on my third eye, and then the center of my brain, thus causing these energy centers to become energized. After a few minutes of this I gave myself the mental instruction to project my thoughts to the Arcturians, and then I visualized myself floating up into the Arcturian ship in a pyramid of Light. Since that night my perceptions of Sedona have changed considerably. Sedona seems more magical than ever. Later that week, I became inspired to write this book. "They" asked me to do it.

Arcturus figures prominently in the mythology of the Human race. The name Arcturus comes to us from ancient Persian astrologers who were the descendants of the Sumerians. Translated literally into English, Arcturus means "shepherd."

In Key 201 of The Keys of Enoch, we are told that the star Arcturus is a "midway station" for the soul progression of intelligent life on our planet. And that as a midway station, Arcturus administers the threshold commands (energy patterns) that control star evolution in our Local Universe. The Arcturians work with the "Merkabah," interdimensional Light craft.

One of the missions of the Arcturians is to guide the evolution of our species. Arcturian intelligence is now making itself known to the Human race on a conscious level through various channels, and through motion pictures. The science-fiction films Cocoon, and Cocoon II, are designed to bring the concept of the Arcturians as healers into the group consciousness. The Arcturians wish to help us heal ourselves and our planet. They are Light beings, and they appear to us as Angels (Elohim). When people see Angels, they are encountering Arcturians or other Ultra-extraterrestrial life-forms.


The Arcturians are encouraging us to realize that our planet is a living, sentient being that is very much in need of our spiritual attention. The Arcturians are advising us to come together in ceremony to send healing energy into the heart of the planet. This concept is particularly interesting to me because I had been exploring this concept before I encountered the Arcturians in Sedona. (Or have I been in contact with them for all along?).

Channeled, by Barbara Sanne, Sedona, 1992:"We are the Arcturians, we are here to answer our Father's call for assistance. All here at this time are working on his plan to bring Earth back to the awareness of her true calling. Earth was intended to be a way-station for beings to learn many different lessons. Free will was always the most important part of life on Earth. However, because of free will, the beings of Earth became entangled with their own illusions and gradually lost their true reason for being incarnated.

Many eons have passed and Mother Earth is now in danger of being destroyed. Our Father has decreed that this will not happen. His plan has been put into operation. Many are here from all over the Universe and beyond to follow his plan to bring the Light and Love back into the Earth and advance Earth into the fourth dimension where she is to move. Our Father will not allow his plan to fail. This is a most important way-station and he will not allow any failure.

Many beings have chosen to incarnate in Human form to act out their role in his plan. When awakened, each will know waht shall be done. All are to be transformers for the Light and Love being sent by the many who are assisting from above. This Light and Love is being sent from out Father/God of the Great Central Sun. We here above you are relaying this Light and Love into your atmosphere for all our incarnated workers to transmit through themselves into the center of the Earth. As all awaken and knowingly begin their work, others in Human form will also awaken and begin their journey back to the awareness of God. All are to awaken. All will have the choice of advancing with Earth into the fourth dimension or remaining third-dimensional.

All souls who remain third dimensional will be removed and placed upon other worlds that have the same third-dimensional vibrations with which they are still resonating. This will be the choice of the individual soul and all choices will be honored. None will remain on this Earth in the third dimension. This is the plan of our Father.

Earth will be fourth-dimensional and all inhabitants will evolve themselves into fourth density. Know that this plan will not be allowed to fail. All are to awaken and all will choose. Those choosing to allow the Love and Light to assist them in moving into fourth density will also be assisting Earth in her advancement. Many are now in their awakening and much has been accomplished. More and more Light is being anchored within the Earth. The changes have started and soon all will be able to see the Earth in her new growth.

Know of what we speak. The veil has been lifted and all are to remember. When you follow your soul's memories, you will find the God we speak of within your soul. You have always been with God and are to now awaken and return to your true reasoning for incarnating. Allow these memories and follow your desires. The reason for our messages is to guide you into your awareness and then you will be able to remember your mission. It is time for you to remember your mission and assist Mother Earth and all Earth inhabitants. All will have their choice of moving their physical body into fourth density where they will always have the awareness of their oneness with all creation.

The time is now. All must awaken and realize their true heritage. All choices will be honored. God has provided for all who wish to advance and for all who wish to remain in third density. He has decreen that Earth will be healed and allowed to move into fourth density.

Know that this is why we are here, and that our work is to awaken all souls and assist in their remembrance of their true oneness with the God they have forgotten residing within their soul. Never allow any to alter your path. Choose now and follow your heart and soul home to God. We will be with you if you seek assistance. Earth is in need and you are able to help by awakening and choosing to anchor the Light and Love from our Father/God into the heart of the Earth. Always allow this and much healing can be done within your Earth. Nothing is needed more than for all to awaken to the energies being sent and to allow them to be transmitted through you into the Earth. This is God's plan; awaken and remember. Choose now. Awaken and remember."

In Love and Light,
Vogan of Arcturus.