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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (65:17)

Sadness Dub (6:37)

Slowly (6:56)

Iona (7:01)

Penumbra (6:35)

Amphibia (6:22)

Avon Dub (8:06)

Modular Drift (3:10)

Ersatz Filament

Long Distance

Pure & Sample
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'And Then the Clouds' by Grey Area
(waveform cat. no. 05103 - UPC no. 789060510321 - release date: 13 Sep 2005)

Grey Area is acclaimed down-under electronic music act from Sydney, Australia - the project of composer, producer and DJ Alex Salter. Grey Area formed in 1992 and followed with a self-titled debut release, Grey Area in 1997 - a bubbly concoction of looped pecussion, heavily affected voice and instrument samples as well as countless overdubs and studio manipulation. The album was well received to positive reviews worldwide.

Grey Area also began playing to eager audiences in 1997 and those live tracks plus several studio pieces resulted in the 1999 release, Absolute Grey Area. It took a more technological approach with a slower and more solemn feel and resulted in a more mature and cohesive overall production. In 2000, another shift in the music took Grey Area in an even more electronic direction, culminating in 2002 with the third album, Penumbra, followed by extensive global touring. Alex has DJ'd at some of the planet's biggest parties and his tracks have appeared on dozens of compilations.

Now, we've extended an official American welcome to Alex and Grey Area and a new home for some of the best of Grey Area's rich history of material, along with some equally superb new and previously unreleased recordings, which we've titled And Then the Clouds - a welcome addition to the growing Waveform catalog!

Here's what they're saying about Grey Area:

"Grey Area in the chill zone provided the perfect end to a party. When morning came on, drifting off on the mattresses and cushions, it was pure bliss to hear rich electronic tweaks and beautiful, minimal textures weaving around the room created by a suspended tarp and hung with fabrics, looking up at the trees." -- 3D World (live review)

"Sparkly melodic riffs are in stratum with careful percussion in a very well mastered and produced album. What is most unique is that nothing sounds formulaic, just unscripted, unadulterated musical progression and cadence." -- RX7 style

"Aussie ambient-a-delica that's smooth and seductive, filtered bliss that's perfect for shagging." -- Psy Reviews

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