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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (67:30)

Fuzz (5:18)
by The Egg
Eyes of Love (5:09)
by Jaziac Sunflowers
TBC (crustation slow mix) (4:35)
by The Eff Word
Falling (4:31)
by Mr. Electric Triangle
Birth (10:18)
by Howie B
F for Fake (12:35)
by Beach Flea
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bong Bong (6:40)
by James Bong
Take Me to a Distant Bass (7:13)
by The Thirteenth Sign
So You Say (live) (5:52)
by A Man Called Adam
Plant Life (5:03)
by Hunch
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'Frosty' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 86104 - UPC no. 789068610429 - release date: 14 Sep 1996)

acid jazz, trip hop, shadow jazz? perhaps! chill before serving...

"With hip hop providing the backdrop, a bit of ambience coloring the mood and touches of jazz sprinkled on top, these artists dig deep into a chilled-out groove and never look back...goes down as a hypnotic dose of synthetic pleasure..." -- Splendid

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