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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (67:24)

Room Service (5:55)

Chickin (6:06)

Camouflage (5:47)

Touch (4:34)

Recycler (6:26)

Power Station B (5:45)

Voodoo (1:35)

Illumination (6:00)

Fieldwork (6:58)

Chocolate (5:53)

Escape (5:49)

Power Station A (6:04)
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'Planned Penetration' by Kozo
(waveform cat. no. 99102 - UPC no. 789069910221 - release date: 28 Mar 2000)

swanky experimental breakbeats...meet downtempo, gritty lounge vibes

Planned Penetration is the genius of thirty-something Japanese trumpet and electronics player Kozo Ikeno. It was composed and performed entirely by Kozo and recorded at his Denki-Rappa studio in Yokohama. Experimental breakbeats, smokey downtempo lounge vibes. Contempo swanky, shadow jazz. Imagine yourself comfortably settled in the absolute hippest, smoke-filled Manhattan progressive jazz club - closing your eyes and wondering if this is what Miles would be performing if he were still around.

Here's a lengthy review from Wind and Wire:

"Planned Penetration, the exciting CD from trumpeter and electronica wizard Kozo Ikeno, is about as hip as a CD can get. You almost expect your house to turn into a dark cocktail lounge, replete with tinkling ice cubes and all kinds of retro-cyber types soaking up the atmosphere. I sit here at my computer typing this review and I can almost taste the bourbon as it hits the back of my throat as these snaky and crazily kinetic breakbeat acid jazz tunes filter through the cigarette smoke. What a vibe this CD has!

Kozo plays both the trumpet and the electronics, which consist almost entirely of rhythm, breakbeats, and other assorted synthesized effects. The melodic content of the music, however, is contained solely within that jazzy trumpet of Kozo's. I won't single out specific cuts because, frankly, my ability to accurately describe this music, which is so unique, would be woefully inadequate. The tempo of most songs is relaxed - nothing here will raise your blood up to more than simmer. But your libido may get a serious kick in the ass. That wailing trumpet mixes it up with those funkified rhythms and, hell, something's gotta give, right?

However, this is nothing like, for example, Richard Bone's COXA. Instead, the mood is cyber-funky as there is an air of 21st, maybe even 22nd century technology to this recording. It's this juxtaposition of Kozo's Miles-Davis-ish trumpet and the breakbeats that propels me into some Blade Runner-ish cyber wonderland, peopled by lost souls and broken dreams.

So, picture this: You're sitting in the half-empty lounge, trying to forget the day, the month, and most of your miserable life. You spot a live one at the bar. Sure, that great lookin' blonde whose attention you're trying to get is probably a replicant. So what! You're here in this dive all alone, your glass of scotch is almost empty, and it's murky and wet outside. Oh hell! Someone else just grabbed the stool next to her. It's time to sink deeper into the chair and drown yourself in the sexy cool of off-kilter trumpet licks and sultry electronic beats. It's gonna be a long lonely night. Might as well enjoy the music. And, with Kozo blowing and breaking, that's the one guarantee you have, my friend." -- Wind & Wire

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