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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (72:57)

The Cut (4:15)
by Sounds From the Ground
Autumn Leaves (7:02)
by Coldcut
Sleep at the Swamp (7:06)
by Potlatch
Hypnotized (7:03)
by P.R.O.M.
Smoke (8:21)
by Space Safari
Imagination (6:47)
by deep-dive-corp.
Falling (4:32)
by Mr. Electric Triangle
Paris (7:26)
by Trance Groove
Elements Turn (9:09)
by Pitch Black [nz]
Crazy Moon (5:02)
by Soma Sonic
Slippin' (5:49)
by Ras Command
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Click to Download Smooth Chill - The Radio Singles

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Click to Download Smooth Chill

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Click to Stream Smooth Chill - The Radio Singles

'Smooth Chill - the radio singles' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 05101 - UPC no. 789060510123 - release date: 2 Aug 2005)

Eleven smooth and exotic tracks that have gotten the biggest audience response while airing on nearly 200 terrestrial USA radio stations including KTWV, Los Angeles, WNUA, Chicago, KOAI, Dallas, WJZW, Washington, DC, and KGSR, Austin, as well as internet radio at Starstreams.com, Live365.com, the AMBIENT station of radioio.com. SomaFM.com, and XM Satellite radio every afternoon during the internationally syndicated Musical Starstreams programming.

Includes the UK artists Sounds From the Ground, Coldcut and Mr. Electric Triangle, Germany's P.R.O.M., Space Safari, deep-dive-corp., Trance Groove and Ras Command, Korea's Potlatch, New Zealand's Pitch Black and Canada's Soma Sonic. All tracks remastered with today's latest sound saturation advancements!

"Smooth spirals of sound, like a million ascending bubbles, arising from within an internal, atmospheric eternity."
-- Mark Riva, Metagrooves

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