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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (68:49)

Bangdad (4:05)

The Fine Line Between
Passion and Fear (4:19)

Jungle A (5:04)

Aphrodite's Shoe (4:55)

Sussan 9
(living in backward world)

Through Cinemas (5:53)

Shrine of Sringar (5:15)

Under Influence (5:32)

Tchengo (6:19)

The Third Chamber
(part 4) (21:48)
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Click to Stream Duniya

'Duniya' by Loop Guru
(the intrinsic passion of mysterious joy)
(waveform cat. no. 85103 - UPC no. 789068510323 - release date: 3 Oct 1995)

energizing... global...cross-cultural electronica

"File under: new sounds in psychoactive, global, cross-cultural electronica. There are bands that make good records there are bands that make new and interesting sounds, and then there are bands that turn your head around, like watching a sunrise on acid in the Nazca desert. The post-techno/trip-hop music of these three shamans of sound Jamuud, Salman Gita and Speechless - is created from bits of earth culture (vocal samples from Eastern religious music, eerie scientific voices, trip-hop bass lines, groaning didgeridoos and soothing electronic tones), mixed and melded with wizardlike acumen, creating music that is at once akin to that of the Orb, Tranquility Bass and Wagon Christ, but also inhabits its own brave new world.

Though we're still not so sure about the Bez-Iike contributions of group member Speechless, whose sole instrumental credit is "hypnorhythmic therapy" on one track, the music of Loop Guru is a visionary sound for visionary times. We don't even want to think about what this music would sound like in our waterproof Walkman headphones in an isolation tank. Check: "The Fine Line Between Passion And Fear," "Sussan 9 (Living In Backward World)," "Through Cinemas," "Shrine Of Sringar" and the 21:48 of "The Third Chamber (Part 4)." --James Lien, CMJ

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