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Sensual and stimulating chill and ambient music we call "exotic electronica" - whirly, swirly, sometimes dubby,
sometimes dreamy soundscapes. Consistent quality throughout means every track and album is a good one.

various artists "One A.D." [84101]  Our Best Selling Debut Release. Defines the 'Ambient Dub' genre!
various artists "Two A.D." [85101]  More Best Selling Ambient Dub Classics!
various artists "Three A.D." [86101]  The Third Chapter in the A.D. Series!
various artists "Four A.D." [03102]  Starts Off Dubby ... Ends Up Dreamy!
tuu "All Our Ancestors" [85102]  As Heard on HBO's "Six Feet Under!"
loop guru "Duniya" [85103]  Their Worldly, High Energy Best Seller!
a positive life "Synaesthetic" [85104]  Whirly, Swirly Soundtracks from the UK!
sounds from the ground "Kin" [86103]  Widescreen, Electronic Panoramas. Their Debut Release!
various artists "Frosty" [86104]  Trip Hop? Acid Jazz? Chill Before Serving!

various artists "Slumberland" [87101]  Dreamy, Sensual Make Out Music!
open canvas "Nomadic Impressions" [88101]  Middle Eastern Flavors!
various artists "Ancient Alien" [88102]  Eyepopping, Video Soundtrack Album!
various artists "Earthjuice" [88103]  Dubby Amazon.com Top Ten Album of the Year!
zero one "zerO One" [88104]  Calculated Adventures in Electronica!
urchin "Urchin" [89101]  Pumped Up, Blissed Out Beats from the UK!
liquid zen "Liquid Zen" [89102]  Electronica Inspired Vocals and Instrumentals!
various artists "Cheery" [89103]  Amazon.com holiday music on hold!"
ras command "Serious Smokers" [99101]  Pure, Smokin' Dubflavors from Germany!

kozo "Planned Penetration" [99102]  Swanky, Smokey Lounge Vibes!
sounds from the ground "Terra Firma" [99103]  Soulful, Dubby Flavored Goodness!
open canvas "Indumani" [99104]  Spicey, Eastern Adventures!
zero one "protOtype2" [99105]  More Intellectual Stimulation!
various artists "Slumberland Episode Two" [99106]  Eerie, Exotic and Energetic!
tuu "One Thousand Years" [01101]  Deep, Ancient Atmospheres!
various artists "Voodoo Roux" [01102]  A Saucy, Best Selling Compilation Series!
various artists "Sunset Magnetic North" [01103]  Cooler Perspectives From Up North!
eastern dub tactik "Blood is Shining" [01104]  A Gritty, Uptempo Masterpiece!

various artists "Maui Chill - Vol One (Sunset at the Kihei Cafe)" [18101]  Maui inspired Island Chill!
zerO One "octOgon" [19101]  Catchy, quirky ambo-electro! NEW!
various artists "Maui Chill - Vol Two (Sunset at the Kihei Cafe)" [20101]  More Maui inspired Island Chill! COMING SOON!

skin to skin "Temenos" [02101]  Deep, Lush, Reflective Soundscapes!
slowdeck "Multiple Offenses" [02102]  A Mind Bending, Tripnotic Journey!
various artists "Voodoo Roux Deux" [02103]  More, Saucy Adventures in Electronica!
omnimotion "Omnimotion" [02104]  Dreamy, Scandinavian Designs!
bluetech "Prima Materia" [03101]  Listen ... Become Inspired!
phutureprimitive "Sub Conscious" [04101]  Deep Swirls of Rhythm!
sounds from the ground "Luminal" [04102]  More Wide Screen Electronic Panoramas!
various artists "Smooth Chill - The Radio Singles" [05101]  Eleven Radio Essentials!
pitch black [nz] "Ape to Angel" [05102]  Video Enhanced CD - Most Excellent!

grey area "And Then the Clouds" [05103]  An Aquatic Adventure!
various artists "Chillicious" [06101]  Deeper, darker, sensual soundscapes!
sounds from the ground "High Rising" [06102]  Sky-scraping musical panoramas!
zerO One "ozOne" [07101]  thE spacE bEtwEEn yOur thOughts!
various artists "Waveform Transmissions - Volume One" [07102]  Spaced out psychedelic chill!
ram dass & kriece "Cosmix" [08101]  Video Enhanced CD - with Timothy Leary & Ram Dass!
sounds from the ground "Brightwhitelight" [08102]  SFTG's Fifth Waveform title - reflective, shimmering!
capsula "Sense of a Drop" [09101]  Deep, heady, psychedelic chillout!
various artists "Waveform Transmissions - Volume Two" [09102]  More, spaced out psychedelic chill!

various artists "Waveform Transmissions - Volume Three" [10101]  Still more, spaced out psychedelic chill!
sounds from the ground "The Maze" [10102]  SFTG'S Sixth on Waveform - journey to the centre!
zerO One "remiXed" [11101]  zerO One with a little help from Bluetech, Phutureprimitive & Magic Sound Fabric!
sounds from the ground "Widerworld" [12101]  More masterly woven Euro electro from SFTG!
jāfu "Add to Cart" [12102]  Chilled out dubsteps with an attitude from North of the border!
enCAPSULAte "Fetal Position" [13101]  Capsula is now enCAPSULAte! More heady psychedelic chillout!
zerO One "sOnar" [13102]  Kevin Dooley expands and maps the scope of your mind!
Sounds From the Ground "20 Years of The Best Sounds From the Ground" [14101]  Their best tracks remastered!
zerO One "signals" [15101]  Kevin Dooley sends out the massage for your mind!

Call (888) S - T - A - R - 388 or 808.800.8919 outside the USA