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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (72:27)

Rites of Passage (11:17)

Darkness (7:27)

Elysium (8:30)

Ritual (7:30)

Spanish Fly (10:01)
(Flamenco Dub Pt.1)

Hyper-Sence (7:45)

Drifting (8:10)

Submerge (8:10)

Dissolve (3:13)
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'Sub Conscious' by Phutureprimitive
(waveform cat. no. 04101 - UPC no. 789060410126 - release date: 14 Sep 2004)

a cinematic journey through 'sub conscious' sound.
deep swirls of rhythm meet phuture dub.

Phutureprimitive is the refreshing musical creation of Oregon-based DJ/Producer, Rain. The Phutureprimitive sound is subterranean electronic tribalism, combining elements of organic downtempo, ethnic breaks, and sensual atmospherics. Ethereal vocals soar over dubbed-out basslines, and live percussion unfolds over odd time signatures creating a groove that is influenced by the synthetic textures of psychedelic trance as well as the kinetic grooves of world music.

Rain developed a love for electronic music early on, and began to hone his DJ skills in 1992, inspired by the early trance and goa releases of labels like Eye Q, Dragonfly, and T.I.P. The psychedelic textures embedded in the music of this era continue to be an influence on his production and style.

Not content to just spin music, Rain established the Phutureprimitive Sound Labs in 1996, and began to acquire the equipment and skills required to express himself musically. Expanding and enhancing the Phutureprimitive aesthetic, Leroy Espiricueta has joined Rain, bringing his talent as a musician and skills as a percussionist to the Labs. The haunting and sensual vocals of Alyssa Palmer also grace several songs on this album. The sonic primitives are working on music together, and exploring the creative process independently.

Something deep and tribal has been growing in the Labs, unseen and unheard, until now. The first full-length experience from Phutureprimitive is entitled 'Sub Conscious' - welcome and right at home, at the headquarters of downtempo and ambient dub - Waveform Records.

Vibration for the imagination. Turn the lights down low - let your mind and body flow...

"Intelligent organic chillout - once this got into our player nothing else got a look in that day. If this cd was a stick of rock it would have the words 'pukka' all the way through it. Don't take our word for it, check out the sound samples and weep for joy that our US cousins are producing music as fine as can be found anywhere on our lovely planet. Top notch ear candy." -- Amboworld UK

Visit the Phutureprimitive website for more info and live upcoming appearance dates.

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