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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (60:11)

Crater Lake (3:16)
by David Brunn
The Golden Needle (7:07)
by A Produce
Generic Actress #3 (4:41)
by Lucia Hwong
You Are That (11:00)
by Sanjiva
Samadhi (8:37)
by Hemisphere
Starfire (6:13)
by Om
We Rest (4:20)
by Witchcraft
On the Shores of
the High Priestess (14:39)

by Sky
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Click to Stream Slumberland

'Slumberland' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 87101 - UPC no. 789068710129 - release date: 17 Jun 1997)

episode one...dreamy, atmospheric electronics...for sensual pleasures

There is a fascinating state of reality that is equal parts of sleeping, dreaming and being awake. It is sometimes labeled "Slumber." If we can accept the premise that in the bigger picture of existence there is no such thing as "time," but instead just the passing of events in a linear, measured fashion, then we can also accept that we have spent literal eternities in this "state of Slumber."

To interpret "Slumber" musically is perhaps as interesting an exercise as experiencing the state. In this day and age of "harder -- faster," whether in musical expression or a request from our partners in sexual endeavors, herewith you will find a conscious avoidance of extremes. No boring wallpaper resonance that would most likely induce tiredness, no annoying abrasiveness that would tend to rudely awaken. Instead, we explore a remarkable, sensory environment where immense, encompassing clouds change colors to a vast array of ingenious musical presentations that replenish our essence. We call this place "Slumberland..."

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